Common Canine Food Allergies

Common Canine Food Allergies

Pets with Food Allergies- .The Best Food for Your Canine

Your pet dog requires your attention and love as it is your unique companion. Whenever your dog suffers from some ailment or sickness, you suffer too. Many a time, it becomes difficult to track down the cause of these ailments, and your vet might claim that it is due to food allergies. 10% of dogs who suffer from allergies, suffer from food allergies.

Food allergies can cause a great amount of alarm to the owner. Incase your dog is itching or scratching excessively, it might be suffering from some food allergy.

Corn, soy and wheat are the largest food allergy culprits. There are some dogs who have an allergy to chicken and beef. The best course of action would be to take your dog to a vet and have him diagnosed. A vet will be able to accurately tell you the exact nature of the problem and the remedies for it.

If you find that your dog is excessively and compulsively licking his foot or chewing and biting at other parts of his body, then you can safely suspect that he suffers from an allergy. Vets and pet nutritionists usually recommend substituting your dogs protein source. Often, lambs are introduced for accommodating a new substance in the diet.

You could begin by giving allergy-free mixes to control the diet of your dog. These mixes usually contain nutrients and vitamins formulated especially for dogs. You can also experiment with other protein sources while keeping track of how your dog reacts to it. You must remember to closely watch your dog''s reaction to new food in order to determine whether it suits him or not.

There are many chicken-based dog mixes, while many others contain fish proteins. You should change your dog''s source of protein once in a while to observe the reaction. When you find one that suits your dog and reduce the allergies, stick to it.

You should remember a few things before introducing your dog to a new food. Do it slowly over a period of six days. Always mix the new food with the old food in the ration 1:4 where 4 is the old food. Gradually do this till the sixth day, by which time you would have completely changed your dogs diet. Give this food for a week at least and observe carefully the different reactions your dog develops due to the change.

There is no remedy for overcoming an allergy overnight. The food cycle should be broken beginning with neutral foods that are grain free. After you have found the correct protein source, you could reintroduce the same grain again and observe the effect. Always use common sense; you can save a lot of money if you do things by yourself. Never forget that your dog needs to be fed a well balanced diet that prescribes the correct amounts of minerals and vitamins.

This process of making your dog adjust to a particular food agent coupled with the antibody response taking place within your dog''s intestine are still not understood entirely. However, most nutritionists and vets can recognize and diagnose symptoms correctly in order to treat them.

Therefore, there are many alternatives available to your while choosing the right food for your dog if you not want to go for allergy free foods. Invest some time, common sense and patience, and you will see results.

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